More than anything, we've learned two things about understanding how people come to know and understand.

1)  Learning is a very social process.  Whether it be about blood alcohol content or some other topic/concept, our students learn with and from others.

2)  Learners come into learning situations with prior knowledge.  This is powerful and impactful and must be considered for new knowledge to be acquired or new learning to take place. 

Prior knowledge acts as a lens through which we view and absorb new information. It is a composite of who we are, based on what we have learned from both our academic and everyday experiences. (The Strategic Teaching and Reading Project Guidebook , Kujawa & Huske, 1995)


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Blood Alcohol Content Information:
Loyola Marymount University
Blood Alcohol Information Website

Dave McCollom, Lori Ferrington, Dawn Harris, Megan Carnaghi, Missy McCarthy